Our Philosophy


Pacific Alcohol and Drug Counseling Inc. is dedicated to providing quality therapeutic services to individuals who abuse or are addicted to substances and dysfunctional behaviors.

We believe a holistic approach to treatment of alcohol, drugs, and related behaviors to be the most effective modality- as all individuals are multifaceted and possess  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components: which must operate cohesively to maintain healthy balance, self-nurturing and growth. This concept functions best in a treatment structure of abstinence from mood altering chemicals, a willingness to change, and a program of action for recovery.

Personal growth is accomplished through the client’s active participation in a program where the client and counselor have mutually agreed upon, meeting the needs of the individuals. There by addressing alcohol and/or drug use patterns; defining, developing and accepting personal responsibility; family dynamics; etc. through individual  sessions and group process.

(If determined that the client’s needs are outside the realm of expertise of PADC, Inc., appropriate referrals will be made)