Program Goals


Our mission is to improve the communities we serve by empowering and promoting change in our clients. Our unique program utilizes evidence based methods, while encompassing a holistic approach; addressing the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each person. Through proven therapeutic treatment we address core issues and provide individuals with life changing tools.


  • Educate clients about the addition cycle and the process of recovery.
  • Identify underlying causes and treat them through therapeutic individual and group counseling.
  • Equip clients with necessary recovery skills and relapse prevention strategies to break addictive cycles and enhance social skills to provide a quality life for day to day living.
  • Empower clients with communication, problem solving, community recovery support and other life skills, to help ensure a lifetime of change, growth and success.
  • Personalize each client’s treatment goals to address the underlying “causes & conditions”
  • Utilize team of professionals to provide evidence based practices, within a realistic, holistic treatment model.
  • Partner with our respective communities: to incorporate; medical providers, mental health systems, correctional facilities, recovery support groups, employers and other service providers.